Product list

Body & Trim

Mirrors, Panels, Roof Racks, Seat Belts, Tow Bars.

Brake Friction

Accessories-Fit Kits, Discs, Drums, Pads, Shoes.


Cable Fitment Parts, Cables.

Clutch Friction

Clutch Parts, Flywheels, Fitting Parts, Switches, Sensors - Clutch.

Cooling & Heating

Air Conditioning Parts, Radiator Caps, Thermostats, Radiators, Heaters, Coolers, Switches, Sensors -Cooling & Heating, Water Hoses, Pumps.


Alarms, Horns, Immobilisers, Alternators, Dynamos, Batteries, Drive Motors (Equipment), Ignition Coil Lead, Ignition Leads, Regulators, Relays, Solenoids, Starter Motors, Switches, Sensors - Body & Panel.

Engine Parts

Belts, Chains, Breather Caps, Hoses, Valves, Dampers, Idlers, Pulleys, Tensioners, Engine Gaskets, Seals, Engine Parts.


Exhaust Parts, Exhaust Systems.

Filters & Ignition

Filters (Air,Cabin,Fuel,Oil), Filters (Others), Ignition Leads, Ignition Parts, Plugs (Glow & Spark Plugs).

Fitting Tools

Fitting Tools & Kits.

Flexible Mountings

Bushes, Mountings.

Fuel & Engine Management

Engine Management & Fuel Inj. Parts, Filler Caps, Fuel Tanks, Sender Units, Fuel Pumps.


Brake Hydraulics, Clutch Hydraulics, Fluid Reservoirs.


Bulbs, Light Units.

Lubricants & Fluids

Brake Fluids, Coolant Fluids, Engine Oils, Grease, Other Fluids, Steering Fluids, Suspension Fluids, Transmission Oils.


Workshop Manuals.

Steering & Suspension

Air Suspension, Shock Absorbers, Springs, Steering & Susp. Components, Steering & Susp. Fitting Tools, Steering Boots, Racks, Steering Boxes, Pumps, Suspension Spheres.

Service Parts

Belts, Chains, Filters (Air,Cabin,Fuel,Oil), Ignition Parts, Plugs (Glow & Spark Plugs).


CV Boots, Joints, Drive Shafts, Drive Couplings, Universal Joints, Wheel Bearing Kits, Wheel Bolts, Caps, Hubs, Nuts.


Wiper Arms, Blades, Wiper Gears, Linkage, Motors, Wiper Washer Bottles, Jets, Pumps.

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