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Over 5 million batteries are replaced in the UK, every year

Car and Van Battery related problems are one of the most frequent reasons for roadside breakdown and national breakdown organisations replaced 400,000 batteries last year because they failed without warning

A recent workshop case study revealed 33% of vehicles entering the workshop had a partially discharged battery


Batteries have a natural lifespan and can often fail without warning particularly when temperatures drop below zero

Vehicle usage can have a big impact on battery life, for example frequent short, "stop start" journeys can put extra strain on vehicle batteries and can leave them in a partially discharged state

A battery in a partially discharged state can still provide enough power to start the engine, but over time the battery capacity will fall leading to failure. This process is known as sulphation and is the number one cause of battery failure

Battery health check

To prolong the life of your battery and to help you avoid being stranded at the roadside, we are offering all our customers a free-of-charge diagnostic check to determine its health.

Our battery check will provide you with peace of mind and if any problems are identified during the test, we can help

If the test results indicate that your battery is healthy, but in a low state of charge we can re-charge it for a nominal fee

If the test results indicate that your battery is nearing the end of its serviceable life, we will discuss your battery replacement options with you prior to carrying out any work, and importantly, before it lets you down



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